The colors of the Confederation shall be blue, white red and yellow, all incorporated into the Official Crest of the Confederation.  The crest of the Confederation shall be a circle the colored blue with a thin blue border followed by a thick red border. The crest will comprise the following:

(a) The crest will depict a 14-pointed star which represents the equal status of the 13 states and the Federal Territory and their unity with the Federation, the Star and the Crescent from the traditional symbols of Islam, the official religion of Malaysia, similar to the Coat of Arms of Malaysia.

(b) The alphabet MHC is the abbreviation for Malaysian Hockey Confederation and the two rampant tigers supporting the Star, Crescent and the abbreviation, are traditional Malay symbols. They are retained from the earlier armorial ensign of the Federation of Malaya, and prior to that of the Federated Malay States. They symbolize strength and courage.

(c) The two (2) crossed hockey sticks represent the sport Governed by the Confederation. The words “EST.1953” reflect the establishment of the Confederation since 1953.

(d) The word KONFEDERASI HOKI MALAYSIA inscribed on it shall represent the name of the Confederation in the national language.

(e) A wreath of two white rice stalks envelopes all the above within the red border.